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Dr. Omar F. Suarez D.M.D.

30 Ferry Dental is the leading center in the Country for TMJ disorders. Since 1984, Dr. Suarez has been treating patients at his leading world class center. Patients suffering with TMJ disorders, Sleep Apnea, Dry Mouth and Restorative Dental issues have found relief and success through treatment with Dr. Suarez.


At 30 Ferry Dental every patient is treated like family and your concerns are our concerns. It is our goal to make sure that every patient has a smile on their face and receives the care they need so they can enjoy a better quality of life. ​

Dr. Suarez, and his team of highly trained professionals, make it their goal to facilitate the needs of all their patients. Excellent Dental Healthcare is what you should expect and it is what you deserve. 


Patients that suffer with systemic diseases have special needs when being treated and Dr. Suarez and his team are experts at bridging the knowledge of Medicine and Dentistry to yield relief and positive results for all patients in treatment.  Call us today and book an appointment to improve your Dental Health. 


Giving you a reason to smile since 1984

From your very first appointment you will feel that we understand the condition that ails you, and the impact it is having on your well being and quality of life.


The years that I served as the Director of Oro-facial Pain at the Hospital for Joint Diseases provided me with the understanding of how rheumatic disease affect the Orofacial region. Many of those patients who have these conditions fall between the divide of medicine and dentistry and rarely received the specialized oral care that they required.

It is my mission to care for each and every patient that walks in to 30 Ferry Dental to ensure they get the necessary and proper treatment, care, and respect they deserve.


Dr. Omar F. Suarez D.M.D.


Providing You with the Best Dental Healthcare

Conveniently Located Just 1/2 Block From Newark Penn Station

30 Ferry St.

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Providing Quality Dental Care Since 1984

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